You won’t be seeing any “Korean” or “Chinese” in this post

That is simply because the “Blood and Water” we are going to talk about here, is the one from South Africa.

Where we have a VERY VERY SERIOUS conspiracy on our hands that we seek to un-cover!!!!

I have to say that this is a kind of show where you have to “trust your instincts” at all times

They will come in handy, every single time.

The 16th of August of every year

In the home of Puleng, it’s a mixed bag of how-to-feel. Because ….

After a very beautiful baby-girl was born

But somehow, this baby-girl got “to be switched” with another family!

Now, I don’t even want to imagine how this feels!

For one reason or another, I don’t want to admit yet that Fiksie is this baby girl that went missing

And another side of me so badly wants to admit that it is her.

I mean…. when you watch the premiere season-finale, you get to see the results from the DNA test that Puleng secretly carried out and if we all thought what she looked like, it looks like we are a complete match.

Blood & Water
Credit: Netflix

All the efforts that have led up to this moment have taken 17 years to mature

I want you to imagine just how many people are caught up in this never-seeming-to-end “web”!

How many people are hurt and are going to get hurt

How many lives are changed forever, on a daily basis

What the future holds and looks like for certain people, once everything is said and done!

I guess when they say the truth will always set you free, you always have to ask, “how free”?

Because none of us is truly free until we are all free, right?

Baba knows this all too well!

Personally, I feel season 1 was dragging a bit

But the future will “out-run” us, fingers crossed!

Good script, great show…in my own honest opinion!