You coulda done everything else
But pouring coke in my vee?
That’s unacceptable

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Am sure my ancestors are tossing and turning in their graves
With so much regret and detest for this kind of blunder
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Kakati, look here, I don’t know who told you about this whole thing
Its so wrong
But ama set the record straight outta here, for you

Vaginal Discomfort
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Having sex with you, is hella great
The kisses, cuddles, fantasies and how we give them face
The secretive calls and numbness from the cold outta missing you

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My issue comes with this whole douching thing
Funny how I used to hear my girls, back way, how they did it to avoid catching preggies
And for their men to miss the smell of the mess they made
I didn’t believe them

Some moments call for privacy…
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Take last week, for example, we sexed only once
At your place
It was cool, for the most part
Then, when I hit the shower to wash and clean up
You had this bottle in your hand
Dark, as it was, I didn’t doubt your intentions
All I was seeing was my baby beau, bae forever
Hell I understand, all the secrecy now

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You bent me over and before I knew it, I could feel something liquid moving inside me
It felt sexy and quite nice, I must say
The slight coldness and bubbliness of it
The questions started from the point when you grabbed my butt tight-clo
sed, for the coke, not to run down out

Woman with Painful Stomach Sitting on the Toilet
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I wondered….who does this?
Is this normal or even recommended by doctors?
And then, the commanding and manipulation started
You know, I love you, right?
To the Venus and back
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For the most part, I obliged to wash and cleanse my Vee
Just to please you and have you smiling, just as I like you, in our good moments
You have this thing you do to me, where you have me begging you for more of you and later on, you push me away
Until I when I confided in my two good friends and confidantes…. Lyra and Google
They had quite the differing opinions on this….but one thing, stood out
That, if you love me, you ought to respect me and whatever I stand for….not because you feel entitled to own me, like the fore-fathers trained us to know and see this
Google clearly used many examples of her friends who had been through a similar situation like me
And they all agreed that it didn’t work, like many of us knew it
Many of us turned out looking preggies, anyway
With all these spasms of scratching our bottoms and episodes of worry
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Some of them had very scary tales….there was that one of the Pee
And how she used to pour his pee into her, so that the hotness of the pee would kill the sperms
And that alone, ended up burning up her Vee and other insides


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With all this, I must give it to you
You made my days with you, worthwhile
But, it all ends here for me

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And I mean, the whole Pee and Coke in my Vee, thing….
Hell no, am not doing that anymore.