We like this sex, on demand
In dark corners
On our phones and tablets, under the lowest display of light that can be used
With our computer screens turned away from our proper view of sight
Behind closed doors and earphones plugged in

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Am talking about PORNOGRAPHY
To begin with;
How do you like your porn?
Soft? Hard core? Romantic? Family? Dominating and submitting?

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Do you like watching it with some people around you?
Do you like them of the opposite sex or any sex, can do?
Do you prefer it with some sound on?
Like loud rap-music or nothing at all?
Do you love watching it in the morning, as everyone is leaving for work? Or, in the evening, when everybody is away to their beds and other duties?

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How often do you watch your porn, then?
Do you actually spend a leg, for this stuff?
Or do you just do the free downloads and stream away?

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Have you at any one time, tried imitating out the stuff you watch on these recordings of taboo?
Or have you coerced anybody into trying out these stuffs?
You know, you could even have done so, without you fully recognizing that you did so, right?
Out with it….be honest!

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How’s your normal working self?
Are you the type, known for being late at everything you lay your hands on?
Are the type that used to be ship-shorp when it came to getting the job done and now, all that changed?
Have your grades dropped because porn is taking up too much of the GB’s of your memory?

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Look here….
Mehn, am just worried out for you
This road you are taking, shall get you lost, and you may not be lucky enough to find your way back, so easily
You might not believe it but I was once there

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All the excitement that comes with watching porn
The distress and unrest, that comes with being distracted when you’re devouring it
The lying and manipulation
The repeated cycle of breakdown in normal activity

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All that comes with dire consequences, you must know
I don’t know, for sure, if you’re ready for those
The hovering by the public, once this secret of yours, goes public
Frequent calls for help and meetings from your parents, most likely

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I don’t even want to touch the unseen ones but somebody trusted me, that I do so
Your mind is going to race uncontrollably and endlessly
You just might begin masturbating and if you aren’t so lucky, you might masturbate your blood or future away
Bodily ache and pain, shall become your new friend, from another mother
The time you take to focus on what’s important and at stake and at hand, will shorten, over time
Sleep might just become a wonder and a myth, as time goes by
Your eating will worsen and drop, by the day

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Your friends might become meaningless and useless to you, as time goes by
You won’t really see their use, in your life, as you go by your life
I mean, your new buddy, sex on demand, shall have taken up that space and occupied it, right?
I wonder, though…. How dependable is he?
Is he the type that shall stick with you, even when the battery dies out, on you?
Or when you’re sleeping on an empty tummy?

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Choose wisely, bruh