A certain corner of the world has the saying that goes, “never insult the crocodile, before you cross the river”
Honestly speaking, this is a saying that I only got to know of last week
Online, to be more specific and shocking
From a tweep, as we commonly refer to each other

Photographic safari with Coetzer Nature Photography
Photo credit: howieswildlifeimages.com

As being a result of the fracas of traffic jam witnessed, enjoyed, suffered and cried, in the metro district of Kampala
Where there was a miscommunication or let’s call it, “a display of unnecessary emotion”
Somebody with the funds pushed an idea down somebody’s throat, for them to re-echo it out and it ended up being received very harshly by our gallant fam in the white uniforms
Relating a human’s effort to co-exist with technology as very disruptive to national development, in a happy and opinionated city like ours
Uninformed  decision, right?

Photo credit: hiveminer.com

Apparently, our pipoz in the white unee had a brilliant idea of withdrawing their gallant selves from those very congested areas of the city, to be most specific, where the said investment of traffic lights was heavily made just so they could prove the point that you can never insult a croc before you cross the river!
Photo credit: twitter.com

But, at whose expense, if am to ask?
Was it at the expense of the general public, those operating machinery only, the sick, those heading to their other engagements across town, the police officers themselves? WHO EXACTLY?

C1bEbx0WIAA3jrp.jpg large
Photo credit: twitter.com

See this…. In their judgment, as cops, they decided to let the bigwigs have a feel of their money (literally and metaphorically) and I guess, two hours into this predicament, we had all gotten a lovely feel of the fuel and hurting bodies.
On the other end, don’t blame them, really. Here’s why…a few days before this unfortunate incident, we had a discussion with somebody way high up there about Kampala’s traffic situation and he posed a very question to us all….
“Does Kampala have a traffic flow management centre”?
Among other statements made, that was what caught my mind because when he made a comparison to Japan about them having this centre, it made quite some sense in that when you have this centre up and running efficiently, with all the motivation needed in it’s rightful place, traffic jams will still be there, YES, but they will be quite manageable….not one we had, this time….

Photo credit: aggreynyondwa.wordpress.com

That should tell you that our gallant officers are actually operating without a very important piece of equipment that they are required to have and utilise to make their work easier and in turn, have we the road-users, in our respective categories, have a smoother journey of getting work done.
I learned so much from this interaction, I must say.
If we are to ever utilise technology, to the maximum we ought to, we can never disregard the human touch of it
Because without them, the humans, that is, nothing can ever work….not even a speck of air or a drop of water will get to us, in our convenience….

Photo credit: capitalradio.co.ug

We appreciate that this is the age of the digital era but right from the beginning, we all know that technology can never do what the human feels…. Empathy and softness…
So, next time, you claim your investment is bigger and greater than anything out there, get to remember that there’s a human, along every corner of the road where your investment is stationed
For even a crocodile can’t survive long on land, without having to drop by in the water again….where it shall have the upper hand on everything and will be at liberty to call the shots on you NOW.