I am going to talk about sets of animals today

Service dogs and assistance dogs

Have you heard of these before?


Have you seen any of them before?

Or clearly drawn the line of distinction between them?


In my simple understanding, a service dog is one that is actively serving in the forces or formerly did…..army, police and or the prisons

They are part of the team

They get sent in to calm down the situation their way

They are a military officer, in their own way

With a name, service number and everything else


About the time they get retired or rested back into civilian life, I don’t know honestly

Perhaps, our army buddies can help us on this one

Most preferably, those that have served with their four-legged comrades


Come to assistance dogs,

They are much more common in the settings or environments of mental health

Many times, you will notice them being held onto by somebody or their principal by a leash

Where their principal goes is where they go basically

With or without their leash


On one occasion, you might notice their principal struggling in the moment

With their face in their hands, breaking down and this darling of an animal moves up to them rocking their head against the face of their principal or under their jaw or licking their face in a bid to soothe them of their pain

Others may jump into the lap or clasp of their principal for a hug


Others, during a sudden epileptic attack on their principal, manage to plunge under the neck of their principal and be the soft landing and cushion needed in the moment

Some others may simply be the eyes of their principal in cases of differently-abled principals as they walk around

Others are simply companions to their principals…in everyday life….just like any other person would be to you!


So, next time you meet one of these, don’t hesitate to say “hi”.