One of my favourites straight outta 2019, if you ask me

I loved it right from the moment I watched it’s official trailer on YouTube

Couldn’t wait for April for it to start…

I am talking about In The Dark, a television drama series


Featuring Murphy and her guide dog Pretzel, Max, Jess and her girlfriend Vanessa, Darnell, Tyson, Keira, Bad Cop and his daughter, Jules, Erin, Jade, Felix, Hank, Joy and a host of other people….


Showcasing the struggles and hardships we all face in life but most especially, when you are differently abled like Murphy is

Bringing out the emotions in you to the everyday life you live

Love….it never gets old, does it? Who doesn’t want it?

Showing the unknown side of introverts or what you can call loners (I am a loner, for that matter….I guess this is why this show hits directly home)


We never have it all figured out, do we?

We are all In The Dark, one way or the other!


I really hope you enjoy the show.