Some people openly express how they feel on a regular basis.

They have no problem with telling it like it is to their internal world, whether they are happy, jealous, angry, or anxious.

However, many keep powerful emotions trapped inside of them.

They may share with those who are closest to them or finally explode when they reach a breaking point.


Venting feelings regularly is important for everyone for improved well-being.

The most important thing one can do is learn how to release pent-up feelings in a productive way that doesn’t hurt people.

Why People Keep Their Emotions Bottled Up Inside

The majority of people keep their emotions under a tight rein for self-preservation.

They’re afraid of how others might react.

They fear that expressing true feelings could create a wedge between good friends or hurt an intimate relationship.


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They also think that exposing emotions can make a person feel extremely vulnerable.

They find it easier to keep it in, go to the gym, meditate, or ignore all the turmoil churning inside.

Consequences of Sudden Venting of Feelings

While keeping emotions on a tight leash isn’t helpful, sudden venting has its drawbacks.

The person who vents may indeed hurt people, make things awkward at home or office, or even cause loss of property.

In extreme cases, they may lose their job or be convicted of assault.


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Sudden outbursts of rage will also make frustration peak.

One of the best examples is James Caan’s character, Sonny Corleone in The Godfather playing on DIRECTV STREAM.

In a powerful scene, Sonny unleashes his violent temper on his brother-in-law for abusing his sister.

His fury only builds as he goes on to attack and is betrayed later in the film.

The Right Way to Vent Your Emotions

Choose the Right Audience

The right person or people can impact the outcome of venting or even future venting situations. You need someone trustworthy but also wise enough to give you a feasible solution.

A supportive friend or coworker can be great.

Vent and Get Opinions

You can vent to your chosen audience and then ask for a different perspective and helpful advice. A constructive release of your emotions can help you to lower stress levels.

Your mental health will improve as well.

Be Careful About Deciding to Vent Online

When you do decide to vent, try to avoid sharing intimate emotions online.

Once you put your words out there, you won’t be able to take them back.

Anyone who follows you, including employers, could see what you have to say.

Damage control could be impossible, putting you in a worse situation.

Seek Professional Help

When all else fails, a licensed professional could be your best resource.

A therapist can provide you with a chance to release your emotions and offer coping strategies. You may learn about yourself, what makes you tick, and the triggers for your behavior.


Being a powder keg on the brink of explosion isn’t good for anyone.

Built-up pressure needs to be released.

Instead of letting it out in a sudden outburst in the wrong place at the wrong time, set the stage for successful venting.

Carefully choosing the audience and the environment can provide powerful relief and release, restoring emotional balance.


Alternatively, professional help can provide an additional outlet for feelings that are too powerful to control.

Choose the path that works best for you.