The one series that has always reminded me to live in the moment

Put myself first before anything or anyone else

To stick to my code

And most importantly, survive….no matter what it takes



It has been 5 seasons and over 100 episodes just as Alfred said

Been a journey with you Penguin and Ed Nigma, Bruce, Jim Gordon, Harvey

A long annoyance with you the gangsters like Butch, Don Falcon, Tetch, Barbara Keane, Dr. Strange, Selena Kyle

A story of faith and hope in places like the Green Zone, Gotham, corners and pathways, the GCPD, the Mayor’s office, the main-land


A show that showed the life of the poor and unfortunate pitted in the same group as that of the rich and wealthy

A show that spoke of truth in the moment and lies when it didn’t matter so much

A show that has always reminded me of the struggles women and girls go through in this world

A show that has talked about privilege and a four-walled cell in one sentence

A show that has reminded me about the importance of a sense of duty first before personal commitment unless otherwise




I will surely miss you….onto the next bigger thing, FOX!