Very undear Mr. Eyes,


How are you doing today? It has been a long time since we last talked kko, right?

Are you still so greedy like you have always been? I remember I had warned you about your things of looking at everything that passes you….even those things that do not concern you. Eh….you want to look at the flies, at that old woman carrying the basket on her head, you want to see kko what that young man is reading and at the same time, see what is directly in front of me!

Mr. Eyes, why are you so greedy like that?

Can’t you take in one thing at a time like Mr. Neck does?

Please change your ways….I am not happy…we are not happy. You just cannot keep behaving this way!

Sincerely, Mr. Eyes, why are you so greedy? Tell us….


Photo credit: Gyfcat 


By the way, if you do not change, we have all agreed to take drastic measures and deal with you accordingly!