It has been forever since I last moved at 3AM in Kampala !

I had even forgotten what the life at night, looks like there.

We were driving in Makindye, in a territory that is so new to me.

I did not know what to expect.


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At that hour, the dust on the road had fully settled down.

Literally, everybody had gone to sleep.

Even the little dogs that were roaming around, looking for what to eat, had all scampered to their little “caves”.

As a few revelers were still having the time of their life, at 3AM!


I was so hungry and on getting inside the house,

I decided to get myself something to eat.

On checking the time, I was heading to my bed at 5 minutes past 4AM!

That is the longest I have ever stayed up.


Some people are leaving their beds in the night

Others are jumping into their beds almost immediately.

At 3AM in Kampala!