Now, this was the day I waited for, like one waits for that one moment in their life, upon which they will be judged if they lived the YOLO way
Hehe….best believe

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That’s only because I had planned with bestie to meet and talk and laugh as crazily as we do, over a big bite at KFC….Somewhere in the caves and alleys of KARIAKO.
You know, this is a girl that I had last seen, so many months ago and I swore not to leave Tanzania without seeing her or pinching her nose, even if it was just for a bit
We go quite a while back, with Ammy, back in 2015, to be exact
Many people actually mistake us for a hot item judging by the way we interact and look at each other
If you found us, you would totally disagree that we are just friends (am going to steal some exams for you now – “Ammy is my screen saver on my phone”) Hihihihiihihihhiiiiiiiiii
….so playful and stubborn but yet, we always got each other’s’ backs
Yoo gurl….you know that I trust you completely and love you, right?
Yyyyyeeaaahhhhhhh….we be that tight
Kapish….who cares what the world thinks?

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Wama, as I was saying…. That day….it was Friday
I woke up on record, even…. Hihihihhhhhiiiiiii
5:30AM, simply because Dar had been too hot in the night and the AC had to be turned on, to rescue the situation
Went through my Facebook and mails, just to see if there was something new there
And save for 2 videos that got me laughing so hard, that early, that was it for the morning.

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I made up my mind to leave my room at 11AM but my desire to use the internet didn’t let me
I was already scouring the internet for the latest episodes of my favourite TV shows like Strike Back, The Punisher, Arrow and the like… all the way to my breakfast.
Soooo, I sloped down for my final breakfast in the land of the Kilimanjaro
2 sausages, a cup of coffee and a couple of samosas.
Which I slowly took, by the way, as a way of occupying myself that morning
Till a brilliant idea crossed my mind to take a walk around and or across, the cbd
My figure was seen trekking through Kwame Nkrumah, Mandela and Livingstone streets….back and forth, that is.
And by 1PM, I was back already to my usual sitting place, for my lunch
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Quick lunch of some ugali, white rice and beans was my lunch for this day but unbelievably, I didn’t complete my meal, as is my ritual…. (Even I don’t know what happened)
I guess my whole mind was fixed on the kuku to be had, later on

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Climbed back to my room to watch some Lethal Weapon and damn, I enjoyed them to the fullest
Till bes’ reminder came in that she will be coming to pick me to go to the KFC
After my second episode, it was finally time

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Uber did due diligence to have bes delivered to where I was chilling and Netflixing from….hihihi
And Ammy was there….
Ready for our KFC moment

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Off we were, to the kafunda in Kariako, for our moment
Mmaaaannnnnn….what we didn’t talk and laugh about….I can’t say
We really talked….like everything that had happened in the past 1 year

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Our ritual of grilling info out of each other took centre-stage as we rolled down our evening….work, relationships, the future, our plans and ambitions that were looking up, the sad moments, pieces of advice we had for each other on various issues…. That stuff
Our double-chickens had expired already and I guess our time was burned out…..time to go
You know it’s time out when many more other customers begin strolling in, to utilise the facility
This is exactly what happened

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We had to call it an evening at the KFC and let others have some space…
You know, graduands from respective universities and other young people that had just come to have a good time
Our transport magician at Uber came into play again, as we raced and chased down my hotel, Sapphire Court Hotel, on a hot trail

You know, you don’t get to touch a Muslim girl, on her hands, at least, if you’re in a Muslim country or community, right?
That meant no hugging or holding hands, whatsoever

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Talk of the stuff you learn from living, everyday
Interesting, right?

Ssoooo yeah, that was it for me….till very soonest, Dar