You might wonder how I even came up with this piece….of a world being a LUNG
I looked at a picture of somebody’s lungs that have been affected and literally eaten up by pneumonia …gross, right?

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I compared that picture of the lungs to somebody that smokes their life and lungs away to what’s happening in the world today and ages back

You do realize that many of us have chosen the path of destruction….in every last detail and more so, we are seeking out this path, actively….taking centre-stage in this destruction and breaking down every bridge in our lives that’s been built for us or we’ve built for ourselves.
Ask somebody who smokes actively, what happens when they pick up the idea to do a smoke
One regular response you’ll get is that there’s a bit of a rush in the moment
Perhaps even one that the smoker “in question” can’t best handle at that moment
Too bad for them, right?
That gush of a feeling that takes up your body and mind and only until you satisfy that demand, is when this anguish leaves you

Locals look on as young women run with items from a shop believed to be owned by a foreigner, in Soweto
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Let’s look at living within our means
In the financial sense of it
Do you live within your box?
Do you live within the box of those around you or family of origin or those you admire?
You might that you don’t have good or positive responses to those reflections above….try asking yourself why!
The eye can be very greedy, you know
But I guess you’ve read or heard what the Holy books have to say about greed, right?

A general view of squatter shacks in Cape Town's Khayelitsha township
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The bloodshed…..let’s talk about that.
Pangas, bullets, booby traps, car accidents, fires…you name it
You do realize that the numbers for these unfortunate incidents is on the rise, day by day
Are we trying to change the natural law of life?
Are we trying to say that life is lived by the dead?
Are we trying to say that the world is better off with some people out of it?
I don’t know…you know best or may be, you’re just like me….always asking questions

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The law and order
What do you do about the law? Could be any law, really….it doesn’t have to be one that’s cast in stone
Order….look at yourself….are you in proper order?
Is it the order you want for yourself?
Do you like the order in this world?
Does it even look fair enough to you, for everybody?
Where does everybody lie?

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With that brief tour in my mind, at the moment, am I right to ask if the world is a lung?
Or say it plainly, that the world is a LUNG….breathe!
I sure hope you’re breathing RIGHT, EASY and MEANINGFULLY.