Page 2 of my travel diary of 2017…. I decided to take that serious stroll around Dar-es-Salaam

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Hehe….hehe….hehe…. it’s my nerves and bones laughing at me, for putting them through this distress of a walk.
Tell you what…..I got lost on my way, on this walk of mine….but not before visiting one of my favourite spots in Tanzania….the Coco beach


I picked myself a jaj to the Coco beach…funny thing is that, I hadn’t forgotten the name of the beach but I knew where it was exactly because I’ve been there 2 times before this time. My rider was kind enough, as many Tanzanians are….you have to speak one before you pass on….they speak so softly but mean every inch of the word that comes outta their mouth.
We asked around from a cab driver, for the exact location of my “Coco beach” gwa and he directed my guy where it was and also, “good alternatives” in case I didn’t like this one. With huge smiles on us, we went on our journey.

I got there and kaboom….. my sweet Coco was all there….quiet, peaceful, enormous, with the waters spread further into the deep blue….giving me some kilometres of walking space….(yeah, you read that right).

Little did I recall that I was in spider-territory on the white-washed sand and waste deposits on the beach….a tiny spider nearly got a number on me, this time? I survived again.

I walked further, deep water and got to a point that’s literally green, to best put it. I just had to snap this beauty for the world to see and possibly appreciate. What do you think of this beauty?


I don’t know if I should call this place leafy or just any other place on this beach…. It was isolated and by that, I mean, it was the only area I saw that was this leafy, which left me wondering if this is just something on a one-off basis or permanent basis.  I loved how it looked, never the less.


And yeah…took some few selfies, as well, to indicate my actual presence….somebody could say that I was never there, right? And I couldn’t argue my way outta that one.


So, till tomorrow, when I get on with day three….sleep well