The place, the city
The buildings, the people, the culture
The food, the religions, the joy
The sun, the rains, the cool breeze

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The murram and tarmacked roads
The fertile soils, the sand, the dust
The beaches, the farms, the fields
The schools, the prisons, the barracks

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How can I not mention the boda-bodas?
The rolex being eaten by tens of people rn
The highly-crowded business district where a lot of hope is held
We, the traffic

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The little children holding out their palms and sunken faces
The yellow-topped men and women of authority
The blaring music atop moving trucks and buildings
Our make-shift movie-cinemas

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Forget what the tabloids and politicians out there say about our Kampala
It’s a whole load of bull
Meant to corner you into the tiniest corner of your room
Piece of advice….if you buy it, don’t forget or hesitate to ask for your receipt from the seller

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Here, we are peaceful…no need to fret
No need, really, for vandalizing us by the popo and soldiers
We don’t have much, just like the case has been for so long a while now
We just make way with what we have

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We return back to our homes, at the end of the day, in our thousands
With a small package in hand for our people back home or nah
And a tiny ray of hope for all the best in our next endeavours

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Night comes to an end that day….we wake up to the sounds of different things
Crowing cocks, blaring music, preachers on the megaphones, alarm clocks, sounds of drums, raging engines and tire screeches, getting showered with very cold water
Brush our teeth; look for the keys to our last and first line of defence from the thieves
Unlock that Tricycle, clamp up and down the door handle, step outta the door way
Lock up nicely and get on our way to town

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Quite a number of options for us here….a cab, an Uber, a boda-boda, a taxi, a bus, a train, a boat, a bicycle or even futsubishi
Breakfast…hhmmmm….that’s debatable for many of us
Those who can, have their way with it
Same goes for lunch

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After 2PM, many of us begin thinking of how we are going to get home….
All hopes and dreams carried forward to tomorrow….

                                                                                     Our KAMPALA