So, like we had last said at the end of “Never Stop Searching”,

We had appointments or call them dates, planned out!

We still have a lot to catch up on!


Actually, the day before I published that last article,

We had our first date

And it’s what I’m going to update you on…


For a world that had come to a stand-still of COVID19,

I personally felt it was time for me to place my ka nose and belly out of my shell

And go on dates….(I was suffering from anxiety induced by COVID and staying cooped up wherever I was)!


Juliet and I, full-disclosure, had to really scratch our heads on places and activities we would do, on this date, our date 1 after 24 years!

From finding a place that would offer us great food all the way to a place where we could talk and laugh freely and enjoy the pool area, somewhere in between there!

(Juliet is the one that does not fear these waters…I, the coward, can’t even dare to dip a knee of mine in water!) Hihi….


I got to my usual plug for these “assignments” and she delivered promptly;

She highly recommended three locations and after a lot of deliberations, we decided to switch up the entire program!

Bear in mind that I recommended the Sheraton Hotel…I like this place for the food and their pool area!


We decided to pass by MOTIV as our first pit stop, first thing in the morning, to view our artworks that we had done, in form of an art exhibition as Faces Up Uganda.

On our team at Faces Up, I am among those that did not study at the university but the biggest admirer of these works. I love looking at all these pieces and could do so, for hours!

The children did a good job with their works….you can check them out some of them here….



We took our sweet time looking at all these works and ended up taking a couple of selfies.

It was a long time since I had taken selfies or a selfie, for that matter!

This time felt different….good…really good actually!



I guess what made this visit to MOTIV really special was the fact that we were the very first people in there, that day and that gave us the privacy we needed to begin having our one-on-one intimate catching-up to do.

Which we did….away from the excitement of seeing each other again…and now, beginning to opening up to one another.

That takes guts and gas, if you ask me!


(Wama don’t mind me…I am always ka humble! )


Our next destination, Sheraton Hotel would prove to be our last place to be at, for the day.

I do not know if it was just the food or the pool or the ambience or the entire mixture of it all!

We arrived there at exactly 10 in the am till we left close to 5 in the pm!


That breakfast….is something else!

(Make sure you don’t fall in it’s trap as somebody who loves food) Hihi….you might not walk properly when it is done!

Ate now me who loves food, this was the day and moment of delivering true justice….

My tiny belly got so full that I did not want any more till my supper-time at night!


That is when the pool area came in handy for us…

We had to drag ourselves out there to the pool area.

Our first task was having more talk that is intimate and then, swim thereafter….

We ended up talking for longer than we had intended to till we were reminded twice to actually get in the pool or leave the area!



We got into the water…..not me entirely, though.

I am such a big coward when it comes to this…I only place my tiny little feet in there and enjoy the warmth of the water on my skin.

Juliet, on the other hand, swims and got very friendly with the blue water, as you can see….

That all went all till the rain swept in, to intercept us on our date…hihi

And consequently force us to end it here, that day!

What was our Date 1 After 24 years!


Wow…how we have grown!

Or rather, how we are growing!

With our quite different paths of life we took and are taking!

I am very proud of us two!


Ps. We have another date very soon, as you read this!