Dear Gatekeeper,


I hope you are doing well. I write to you gatekeeper,  as a young person who is very keen on getting inside the “property” you are “guarding” from your post, at the gate!

I’d love to understand why you make my life so hard, right from the moment I utter those words to the moment when I’m trying so hard to get out and never return!

Why, dear gatekeeper, are you so bent and unreasonable on ensuring things keep on moving, exactly the same way they have been moving, even when you know that there’s something wrong going on?

How much do you charge per hour, to do the work you do, dear gatekeeper? I have some little “ka money” to offer you. Would you like to hear my offer? It’s tempting, I assure you!

Finally, what can I do when all my attempts to get through to you, have failed? One thing is for sure; I will eventually break out…how I will be able to do that is still unclear!

Photo credit: SPOTIO


Peace out,

Rebellious me!