Stop with what you are doing, right now!

And do exactly as I am about to tell you….”

I want you to step aside now

Stand if you want….

I just want you to be as comfortable and free as you possibly can

Feel free to swing and sway your body around….

Or even shut your eyes, while you are at it!


I want you to take us to a moment

In your life, that probably happened before

Good or bad, the order doesn’t really matter.

Are we all there yet?


What kind of moment is it?

Please tell us what it is going on, in that moment, as we speak

Give us all the details!


Particularly, I would like to hear about that one moment, in that moment that you are taking us through

Where you felt more alive, seen, heard, loved, hated, disgusted, revered, happy, sad

Freeze that moment, in time, for us all to see, visualize….to be there with you

Just those….those very few seconds right before we miss it

We will definitely know it has happened, when we see it!!!


Now, I want you to take it all in

Yes….that moment and the moment within the moment, itself

Take all the time you need to

No rush, yeah?


Don’t fight whatever you are feeling

Let it all out…

Whatever it is or may be

I want you to tell me what you are feeling….how you are feeling!!!


Are you ready to talk now?

Do you need a moment, yeah?

I hope we are not intruding!!!

Because this is very important….


Moments…such moments, are to never be taken for granted ever

These moments must be stored somewhere they won’t be tampered with and at the same time, not forgotten

Because they form that fine bit of fuel that always keeps us going with our lives, regardless of what happened and didn’t happen!

I strongly believe they are part of that fabric that we wear everyday as we live


The same fabric that forms our coat of reflection and thought

About how life is, how life can be and how life should be

Moments, once we are gone, are what remain as “receipts” of some sort of transaction that we were a part of

Moments just might be what actually marks us, for life, to a particular setting, community, way of doing things!!!


The great part about these moments is that they are always fresh…like the smell of rain on the ground or the dew on the grass and plants

It is like they just happened yesterday….barely hours ago

And yet, they could have happened decades ago, right?

I don’t know; that just gets me smiling and chuckling!!!


I hope you are chuckling and smiling and huffing away at that memory that hadn’t crossed your mind in so long


It is very important that you do so.

We would love to hear about that moment, before you leave us.

Bad idea?


~ Moments ~