Everybody’s got a story to tell
Good, bad, terrifying, sad, great, mind-tickling…be it any of those
Regardless of their colour, nationality, religious beliefs and attachments, financial status, job, academic qualifications

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These stories cross our paths, many times, unexpectedly
In our offices, homes, taxis, shops, parades, church, crusades, carnivals and festivals, weddings, birth ceremonies, burials…name it

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Surprisingly, if a question was posed to you, to offer some advice or explanation to what happened or what might happened,
Chances are very high; we wouldn’t have a concrete answer or feedback, from that interaction or from anybody that’s close by, to listen in on the interaction

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Could it be that, we are inadequately informed about these things and how they come about?
Or, could it be that we are so reluctant to find out from numerous, possible explanations… (There’s always more to one side of the story, right?)
Or are our beliefs in our traditions, so strong to let us, hear from other perspectives of life?

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Its against this background that come the 22nd of September, at Makerere University, School of Food Science and Technology, from 2 to 4PM, EAT, we shall be sharing on stories to do with us, human beings of and in Uganda
Ranging from the common to the “first-times ever”, all forms of information shall be accepted in our ears

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As we develop an understanding of mental health, as well as grab that knowledge and be able to learn how to accommodate and appropriately handle mental health amongst us!

Can you promise to be there, with me, that Friday, or even online?