5:30PM: Walking down Jinja Road….to Rosie’s (Mike and his two buddies)
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6:15PM: Inside Rosie’s…. walk in a group of young ladies and gents laughing and chatting away. Mike and his “crew” throw some glances to that end.
Sho walks up to the counter to pick up drinks for her and her tighties. Just as she’s beginning to make her order, Feti springs up behind her and whispers something in her ear….
SHO: (hihi)….. hhhhmmmmm….and who might you be?
FETI: Feti…. Moving his right hand forward (with a light handshake).
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SHO: (moves her eyes round and back on Feti….particularly on his broad shoulders and huge arms)
One of her friends, in the meantime, has picked up these two’s trail and has alerted the rest of the group on what’s happening. They all jerk forward relentlessly to Sho, indicating to her that she “should sign the godamn deal”…..with lots of winks!!!
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FETI: Can I buy drinks?
SHO: Am not sure about that….since you found me making my order. So, I may have to pass on this one.
FETI: Ait…..do you got plans after this? I see you have your gang ready, on standby here, with you. I might have to kidnap you.
SHO: May be….I could squash them, too. Nothing is too important to stick forever, you know, right?
FETI: Right…..right….. you’re right on that.
SHO: Well then…. I gotta get back to my friends and drink up….see you later, eih? Cool?
FETI: Cool….cool
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TIMECHECK: 6:23PM: Chatting and drinking is taking up most activity, at both ends…..both on Mike and Sho’s tables respectively. The boys are cheering on to some contest on the telly as the ladies’ table is doing away with cheekiness and small talk. It seems the rest of the girls are teasing and interrogating Sho about what just went down.
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THE GIRLS: (High 5s are flying all over with some light cheers).
FAFA: Sho, tell us now….who’s the saucy stranger? Spill already
APRIL: Speak up already, gurl….make it quick. We promise not to snatch him away from you…. (hihi)
SHO: Okay oookkkaaayyyyyy…..
APRIL: Don’t make me tickle you for this one time….you know how bad it can get
SHO: Nnoooo nnnooooo….don’t pppllleeeaaassseeeee…. He’s just some random guy I’ve met here and now…. He’s saucy, though….yummy! Just the way I like them.
THE REST OF THE GIRLS: Aaaannnhhhhaaaaaaaaa…..yyyeesssss gurl! Go for it. And be sure not to make a mess of it. Let’s toast another round to that, yiveni.
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In the meantime, without the notice of the girls, Feti has already jolted up to where Sho is standing and is smiling coyly at her.
FETI: Excuse me, ladies….I beg to disrupt the events taking place here but I have to kidnap this beautiful lady over here.
SHO: (shyly) Nnnooooooo
THE REST OF THE GIRLS: Yyyeesssss gurl….remember what we talked about? Go on now….we don’t want Mr. Prince Charming’s princess to melt away.
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FETI: May we? Got a long evening ahead of us.
SHO: We may…lead the way. Looks like it’s the two of us now.
FETI: Your place, my place?
SHO: I ain’t got my own place….crashing back at my parents’. Your place?
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Exiting Rosie’s: FETI: I’ll be upfront with it…. I want to smash.
SHO: (blinking uncontrollably with a teasing look) Wwwhhhaaattttt?
FETIL You heard me right?
SHO: Like that…. No proof checking for things like STI’s or HIV?
FETI: All that ain’t needed. I just want a piece of your meat and that’s it. The rest isn’t my business. So, are you in?
SHO: Yyyeeaaahhhhh sure…. Who can say no to that great body of yours? Where do saucy guys like you be hiding all this wwwwhhhiiillleeeeee?
A long kiss…..
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FETI: Let’s get home and do the most. Fine?
SHO: Aaahhhaaaa…. Yeah! Let’s do it.