Mikayla Simpson

The Internet, tells me,

Is your name

I can’t exactly remember when I fell in love with your music

But I recall that one time I was aimlessly scrolling through my Instagram

And landed on a video that got my attention

Where you sang and played the acoustic guitar!

I recall hearing the word, Legendin there

Am I wrong?

I am told that was a tribute to Usain Bolt. True?

The next time I recognized you

Was when I watched the YouTube video of you and Chronixx at the Tuff Gong Recording studio

As you were both slaughtering the Real Rock Riddim!

That was phenomenal.

Somewhere in between, I landed on Burning that I

Now understand is off the Ouji Riddim

It gave me hope. I hope somebody else picked a good vibe from it, too!

That was the moment I decided to head to my browser and get to download whatever works you had put out

From your entire Rapture EP

All the way to Wwith Gunna!

I don’t know if anybody told you this

But I was super sure you would get your hands on that Grammy

You know how it is with these awards!

You were gonna beat all that, some day

I was ssooo happy when you won that award!

That moment meant a lot

And does mean so much more now,

I don’t even know why!

Stay Koffee

Give us the music

Live your life!

~ Gratitude is a must. ~