With every passing day and hour, hate and dislike for others are seemingly becoming part of us!
The question is, “Why”? Why can’t we seem to love more? If we are to reflect upon our world, generations ago, this kind of bloodshed we are witnessing now wasn’t there or happening as it is happening these days!
Colleagues of Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja, 31, who died of his wounds during clashes at the Israel-Gaza border on Friday, mourn during his funeral in Gaza city
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People have learned to be “self-sufficient”, making it more “convenient” for them to defend their gruesome acts of indifference for others. Continents like Africa are having millions of people go hungry day in, day out but there’s someone out there “sitted on tonnes of food” that, they know, won’t be able to consume for the next 100 years or so. It’s good to agree that giving away this “excess surplus” to those that need it is a sure way of loving more, right?
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Sharing a drink with anybody else that’s not you, is becoming unheard of, one of these days! It’s as though, one’s meant to die once they share their drink with another person. Following the great example Jesus Christ set for all mankind, on his last supper with his disciples, His sharing of the drink with His disciples, was a lovely gesture of showing how much He loved them: knowing that amongst them, would have his betrayer emanating!
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Washing down of a sweet friendship that’s been in existence, out of a bad joke or rumour, is very common, these days. Picture this couple of friends that has been together for a little over 20 years into friendship and all over a sudden, one is so upset with their friend over something seemingly small. I’m of the view that these two could have looked past this “conflict” between and probably talked over it, to find a workable solution to it. Sulking and upsetting over it don’t help matters, don’t you agree?
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I find it mind-bogging that humans daily try to preach the gospel of love and loving but for some reason, putting into practice what they preach is so difficult to measure up to.
Do you ever realize that we, humans, just need love? Regardless of the dosage, from who’s administering and prescribing it, to it’s nature, love has never killed anybody. It’s only when love is under-administered or not given at all that problems arise! Unappreciated love is the dangerous side of feeling unloved.
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All these incidents we see happening these days, in our world, are happening simply because there’s that “inadequacy” somewhere along the appreciation chain of love! All we have to do is to find that loophole and seal it permanently with truck-loads of love!!!
Needless to say, that once we give out love to people, we should be expecting back in return or kind! At times, it just never returns as we thought it would and end up so heart-broken. Not everybody is on the same page of love and loving. Take for instance, the children from broken families. Their needs of life aren’t exactly in line with “love” per say but being provided for first, and then, make them reconnected with their inner selves. Thereafter, they feel love itself, for what it is.
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You might be taken aback by adult-looking individuals who are crashing in, on failed relationships.
It’s okay to feel that way: I mean, that’s the world we are living in, full of stereotypical sentiments. Suicidal thoughts spring up, once in a while in these people, for one reason…they are missing that link of appreciation.
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You must know that once somebody feels unappreciated, they build a guard around them that only lets them see as far as they can see! This is when you begin questioning as to why someone is defensive and “off” with every little thing around them. Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!
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I tell you, to learn and sincerely make the effort to love more than you did yesterday. Loving isn’t meant to have boundaries and limitations to it like one’s colour, beliefs, thoughts and ideas, their likes and dislikes, sexuality, name, appearance, friends among others. Boundless love is what our world needs…not even the medicines in your cabinet, connections in society, where you’re from, the religion you subscribe to can change that!
…I mean, would you hurt the person you “claim” you love to the moon and back?…
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Simple actions like hugs, holding hands, patting one’s back ,rubbing bodies, feeding somebody, washing the feet of somebody else, extracting o food material from one’s teeth, making someone laugh, speaking warmly and kindly to people…are some positively-building actions you can start with to make your world and life better!
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Try it now, today and the day after. Love more without limitations and your perceptions of the world should be on their way to a better change.
Good luck loving….M.O.R.E