A baby that has a baby of their own
The sounds of that….how do you like it?
Photo credit: pinterest.com

Make out the picture of it and share with me, what you see there
Is it something pretty? Disgusting? Disappointing? Something you have never seen ever before?
Photo credit: youthvillage.co.za

How I wish I had made better life choices
And I wish someone had told me about these things that I know now, back then
How I wish I had a very strong tone to my no back then
How I wish I had role-models that I looked up to, back then, that didn’t point me to this direction, one way or the other
How I wish my own fam and friends did their part well enough and over time
Photo credit: reachahand.org

All I can do is be the baby that I still am…
I am a baby that has a baby