“We Have Normalised Too Many Abnormal Things!!!”

Why have we, though? Why have we accepted these things, just like that?

Before we start on this mental exercise, I would like you to take a moment to examine what these words mean, to you as an individual, an individual in the smallest unit of society and in their general sense;

  1. Normalised
  2. Abnormal
  3. Normal


Photo credit: CNN


Some of the abnormal things, which I see, have been widely accepted include:

  1. Wasting food!!!
  2. Giving politicians a platform for them to talk!!!
  3. Foregoing our time of rest!!!
  4. Making the white man’s normal every body’s standard!!!
  5. Non-white people dying in war or any other form of violence!!!
  6. Abuse and disrespect in all it’s forms!!!
  7. Sticking to our old ways of living that encourage isolation!!!
  8. Wasting away to alcohol!!!
  9. Exploitation!!!
  10. The existence of billionaires!!!
  11. The existence of ghettos!!!


Photo credit: CNN


I invite you to look hard and ask yourself, “We Have Normalised Too Many Abnormal Things! Why? ”

Then, add three things you consider abnormal, that have been accepted:

Thing 1:

Thing 2:

Thing 3: