Writing down the introduction of anything….be it a poem, novel, journal entry, blog post, academic paper, note

Is super-hard, exhausting and annoying

But I guess you know that already, don’t you?

Admitting that I was wrong to you, was simply a matter of time

I knew it right from the start that I was wrong

But I am guessing you knew that already, didn’t you?

Word has just gotten out that I won’t be returning to work as soon as I had expected

I mean, who was I kidding with all these “exercises” that I was raging out on?

But I am guessing you know that by now, don’t you?


Your secret love will never be your true love

It doesn’t last that long

I guess you know that by now, don’t you?

Fighting the government over this won’t really change anything

If anything, this is just temporary relief you are having now

But I guess you must have known this by now, correct?


Opinions are mouths…everybody has one

Everybody has an opinion of their own

They are free to air it out as they wish

I am guessing you are fully aware of this by now

Putting yourself FIRST in every single opportunity you get and situation that you find yourself in isn’t being selfish!


I guess you know that!


Thinking before acting should be something that every single human being does

Or enjoys, in the very least

I guess you know this well enough!

But HEY….here we are in this mess!


No one has your back as you do have yours

No one shall ever love you as you do

I guess you know this by now


You can never be sure of what happens to you when you go to sleep

You can be so sure of what will happen when you do something

Something happens, right?

I am guessing you know this by now, correct?

~Hey, I am guessing you know all this and more, by now, am I right? ~