When I mention “Fauda”, I’m talking bullets…lots of them

I’m talking love

I’m talking Israelis and Palestinians at each other’s throats and barrels!

I’m talking one of the very best series I’ve watched in a while!

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Fauda is the very definition of “balance” (I don’t know if that is even a thing when we are talking people killing one another…I’ll let you be the judge of that)

The pain brought upon by either side is felt in equal measure!

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Anyway, back to the story here…. Doron and his tightly-knit squad members are Special Forces Operators of the Israeli Defense Forces

And are now tasked with ending attacks from Hamas on primarily Israeli property and Palestinian property, on special occasion!

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When I say now, I mean that Doron was retired from the military life, only to be given shocking news that the one person he thought he had killed for sure, is still very much alive!

He and the rest of his team go undercover at a wedding to “smoke him out” but things go terribly wrong!

From then on, it’s all “Fauda” aka chaos!!!

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Steve is a field operative, part of this squad. He has a way with humour and keeping everybody laughing…oh….and the tactical make-up, too!

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Sagi wasn’t part of this squad originally. He got to join the team when “Boaz” was killed in a bomb blast at a night club by…..

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Avihai is the very best sniper this team can ever have! Given his appearance, he blends right in any crowd but has the best aim and patience!

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Nurit is the intelligence officer of this squad. Her role is to gather “intel” on the enemy target so as to form the “target package”. Also, don’t underestimate her ability to cause great harm to you. She’s a deadly killer!

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Naor, just like Nurit, is an intelligence officer and is best fit for interrogation purposes. His looks give him away as the toughest of them all operatives on this team!

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Eli is the operation commander of this squad. He is the one person who shouts where the team is to go and for what and they get on it, right away!

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Mickey Moreno, just like Eli, is a tactical commander on the team. A man of habit, he gets to see the job done; even if it costs him his life!


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Anat was introduced to us as the sister to Mickey. Along the way, she catches Steve gossip to the rest of the squad about how “amazed” he is, with her looks. These two falls in love and become part of the family here!

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Captain Ayub, famously known as “Gabi” by the team, is one person you need to be scared of, if you are a criminal! He is scary and means every single word that comes out of his mouth! He will torture you till you spill all the beans and the sauce!

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Kaspi is the overall operation commander of all missions this squad is sent on. He is a reasonable man but I can’t wait to see him interrogate somebody….he gives off that sick vibe, if you know what I mean!

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Hani-al-Jabari….I like calling him the terrorist of the moment! He knows his ways in and out of the sights of this squad. Let’s see how far his luck runs!

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Ido is Doron’s older child and is a very central part of this story. Given his father’s occupation and lifestyle, he struggles to understand him and often relies on Gali, his mother to understand “what’s going on”!

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Abu Samara is the overall Hamas Commander and one pain in the bum of the squad. He keeps the attacks coming and the apologies for the dead, too! Very cunning guy!

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Walid is the young Hamas Commander in Gaza. He is quite the troubled one and is one to scare off easily. He is the definition of somebody who won’t ever have your back, once the waters get too hot!

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Dr. Shirin did live her life, once, until her cousin “Walid” dragged her into this mess of a world. I can say it paved way for one of the most beautiful relationships I got to see on the show, with Doron!

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Gali is very much a loved one, in this family we have here. For a while, she is wife to Doron till the point where they split up. You ever need someone to break “those news” to a member of the squad or their family, she can be counted on to do just that and be there for them, all the way!


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Abu Maher is the head of intelligence at the Palestine Intelligence Service. Very good friends with Captain Ayub, they have broken down terror cells so many more than we can count! Great guy!

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Hila Bashan is the Head of the entire Gaza desk. If you are meeting her for the first time, you can never imagine her to be a spy and to be so good at it. I’m sure you will love her!

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~ This is a show you must watch! ~