It is said that if you want something so bad,

You have to keep trying until you get it!

This is what “The Cheran Community” of Mexico did!


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The Cheran community is one of the indigenous communities

That has lived and lives right in the middle of the state of Michoacán, which is found in the western part of what is known as Mexico.


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This community has always wanted to live as peacefully and communally as possible

To the extent that when the Aztec Empire (the very famous one from the year 1428) came in to try and change that, they fought for their lives then and in the future, as we have come to know.


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It’s known that this community of the Cheran has lived on land that originally stretched over 27,000 hectares of forest cover

In the recent past, over 20,000 hectares have been razed down (by our friends who we talk about here, all the time).

Do I need to mention what happens when the trees are cut down?


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All this happened on the watch of those in power…the politicians, at the time.

Can you imagine that over 200 trucks would swoop in everyday, to transport the loot out of the Cheran community lands?


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They simply covered up these abuses and atrocities until the older women members of the Cheran community decided that they had enough.

That is because, all the members of this community belonged to different political parties!

(It was easier to divide and rule or play them, right?)


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It was after a number of courageous members of the community (27 women) decided to pick a leaf from the women there and set the date of “15th of April, 2011” as the day they will revolt against the status-quo!


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Did they have a plan? Yes, they did!

It was to stand in the way of the trucks that occasionally came in to pick up wood from the forests, pick up some stones and throw at them!


Did it work?

Yes, it did!

That’s because from then on, so many changes came into effect from then on….like;


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A very successful neighbourhood-watch system was formed to patrol the towns and the forest cover….

With their slogan being, “For Justice, Security and the Restoration of Our Territory”.


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They regularly met around bon-fires to forge pacts

Meant to ENSURE that nobody from outside their community managed to interfere in their administration.


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They set up barricades to control whoever got into their area.


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In that same year in November, the Superior Court of Mexico’s Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary cancelled the usual municipal elections in this community, in turn opening up doors to consultation for autonomy as a people!




To that effect, the K’eris council (made of elders) has since been established and self-governance is practiced without recourse to elections and independent of the formal system of Mexican political parties!


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Now, I want you to take a moment to read that entire paragraph

And imagine life, that way….

Away from all the lies the politicians keep spewing, the machine of capitalism and the brutality of the state!


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I believe you are asking how they can do all this, seemingly away from the grasp of capitalism and still remain on course for what they set out to do.

They formed their own alternative media, in the Cheran Community.



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They started their own blog….

They started their own Facebook page

And also, created their own YouTube channel!


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They didn’t stop there;

They started Radio Fogata, their own radio station in 2011

Which is strictly run by young people.


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And, in November of 2014, they started TV Cheran whose production is to highlight the significant effort being made to ensure the voice of the people of Cherán continues to be heard.


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According to Our World,

They even have a community ballad,


Children of mother earth / our songs, ours prayers

Are rising up to the heavens / that our dreams may be heard

My people have awoken / they have begun to light the fire

The seeds are growing / hope is growing.”



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It is safe to say that life is getting back in this community

The tree line is getting more visible

The people there are living with more ease now….which goes without say that the crime rate has really gone down ever since they kicked out the cartels and the politicians!


Photo credit: Los Angeles Times


~ I hope this motivates you enough! ~