We were friends…brothers and sisters, you might say
Always getting along and sharing everything we had between us
All the dreams and aspirations we spoke about, growing up

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The love and respect
All is gone now
All because of that different voice you use to rise at me, when speaking to me

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I agree we disagreed
But couldn’t find an amicable way of us agreeing to disagree
…without having to intimidate me

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I see you’re after my life now
Sending me all these death threats
And the booby-traps you keep on setting for me, to fall right into

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As it stands now, we are past the stage of reconciliation
And making amends for the damage done
Probably because of the scars, seen and unseen that you’ve left on my body

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It’s no wonder that I look around me and all I see, is lifelessness
From all these displays of aggression and intimidation…

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Then, I WONDER….WHAT HAPPENED TO persuading me AND NOT threatening me?