It’s like a soccer team
During its training sessions
The team skipper may lead at the front of the pack or at the back, or at the either sides…
Or even remotely, right?

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And so does that, apply in all other circumstances, correct?
In the office, village meetings, police, army, hospitals, schools name it
There’s that one voice of leadership that we all venerate to, when it speaks out to us

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The moment we hear this voice, we are supposed to drop everything we are doing
And listen up keenly to whatever is being passed onto us
Short of that, we stand high chances of being punished

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So now, to these voices and symbols of leadership,
Are you the type that will lead the pack from the front?
The back, sides or from above?

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When the waters get dangerous to swim in, where do you stand to watch out for us, from?
Do you dive with us?
Or do you take 50 steps back and away from the rest of us?

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I bet by now, you know exactly where you lead from….