Have you been to a job interview before?

As the one being asked the questions?

How was your experience?

Yes, I have

Yes, I was that person….in that position

I must admit, it went to hell


I mean, I knew exactly what they wanted

And the core subject of discussion and operation was mine that I have handled many years now

I can ably speak for myself, I guess

My mind is still razor-sharp


Come this interview, though


I don’t know what happened exactly


Was it my anxiety that kicked in?

Was it that bit of sadness that came rushing back in?

Did I simply panic?


I don’t know


Is this what other people go through when it comes to these things?

Does this happen very often or am I the first?

The first questions were of set standard, I guess

The ones that followed up after my presentation….damn!

It’s like I was hearing of them for the first time!



The cat must have cut my tongue

And somebody must have strapped my brain around, at the same time

Everything just vanished