The sadness…..yyyeeaaahhhhh
Can we talk about it?
Even with all that’s happening now and inside our self?

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I see you folding your face and turning away from the sight of this
But child, if you are really going to be fine, you must learn to face your fears and pain

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No worries….you can talk about it, even in the presence of your other secrets that you don’t intend the world to know about now
Things like your compulsions, details of your last will and testament
Even in the presence of family and tight circle of friends that you deem important enough to know this

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Let’s start from the beginning….
What happened?
Or even, no beginning at all….
Let’s begin from wherever you want to begin from

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“I thought that this was it…..after so much work and hours put in
Then, from nowhere, somebody just shows up and burns down your entire life’s work
What am I supposed to make of that, Doc”?
Is there a particular manual for living your life?

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Tell you what….. I, the one listening to you and from the excerpt above, can be overwhelmed from all of this
Haha….it sounds crazy, I know
But that’s it
I’m just human like you are and it’s just a matter of time before all of it catches up with me
And weighs me down, from the chest down to my feet, to the point that I so much, don’t want to leave my bed
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There’s somebody “I see” when I get to this point
It’s a matter of picking up my Skype dialer and we are at it, talking about what’s slowing down my tongue!
Many people know me as a chatterbox and will be forced to ask questions as to why I’m so silent
And gloomy, too, with my mind so many kilometres away

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I’ll be honest….it’s gonna take some serious to get there
By that, you know what I mean, right?
Small steps, like we usually say
You can begin with what’s more comfy to you
It could be drawing
Or writing, just as I
Or sowing
Or engaging in a game with someone you feel safe around

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And then, when you feel ready to leave your baggage at the door, take your seat
As comfortably as you can
And let me in
Ask as many questions as you need to
You aren’t stupid for asking about something for we don’t believe that there’s a stupid question in this world

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Let’s retrace our steps back, together
And get you back to those times when all of this didn’t happen, alright?