The brain is something spectacular
Beautiful, if we can say
One of a kind

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Science agrees that it has so many more years to fully discover how the brain functions
Or what it’s fully capable of

Surprisingly, not all animals have a brain…
You’ll be shocked to know and accept this
I believe many of us imagine each and every creature has and possesses a brain of their own

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It’s just phenomenal how that mass of body fat and tissue works
Whether orderly or disorderly
Thing is, we get the results we often look for in it

After working out so many possibilities, functions and calculations
Besides, it’s what we put to task when remembering, recording, thinking and formulating

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Whenever I wake up, I see a lot of suffering around me
It’s like we don’t know what to do to get out of this curse
Often in time, we look out for shortcuts to all our challenges and uphill tasks

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The one thing that ought to linger in our minds, always, should be… are we putting our brains to use, more than we ought to?