…Unless the police show up now, am not doing this…
…If my father doesn’t follow me up personally, I won’t carry out my duties…

That sort of thing, you’ve heard of it before, right?

Photo credit: The Ritchies In Uganda

Well, yeah…it’s part of us as humans
We say it out a lot of the time
Sub-consciously, even…
Or maybe, we just don’t mean it, right?

This way of living life is everywhere, in all corners, spheres of life, races and perspectives
But I would love to drive it straight towards the young people of today

Young people today, are growing lazy, walking lazily, thinking lazily, and everything lazy
Even the simplest of tasks require too much supervision
In some instances, spanking or man-marking or roll-calls have been brought into the future!
Why does it have to come to this?

Photo credit: Ashden Awards

Is it because we are so poorly motivated?
Is it something to do with our nature?
Is it something we just learn on the way of living life?
Is it something that we just love to do?
Is it something that defines us?

You alone can best answer those questions above and this one… can you do well without having to be supervised?