The world is a small one
Full of beauty, tears, joy, love, nature, nurture, care, hopelessness, hate
And many other things

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Photo credit: Faces Up Uganda

So much goes on around us,
That we may not see or be able to in the time we need to
But then, the questions begin popping in

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Photo credit: Faces Up Uganda

The “whys”, “hows”, “can you imagine”….all those and many more

People are dying for causes they don’t even know about or understand
Others are loving simply because life is too short to ask so many questions
Do you ever wonder why? Have you ever tried to find out why?

Maarat al-Numaan, Idlib, Syria, April 2014; photograph by Nish Nalbandian from <i>A Whole World Blind</i>, a collection of his photographs from northern Syria. It has just been published by Daylight.
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The shootings, beheadings, over-runs, wrongful jailing
Businesses are closing down, pensions are being siphoned out by a few malicious others
Dreams of starting families are being shattered by death of the pillars of the family

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Look around you
What do you see?
Love OR hate?

Photo credit: Hedhi Afrique

Which of the two, are you responsible for spreading around?
Or, is it that you are responsible for spreading BOTH love and hate?

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