To dismantle the patriarchy is to understand that

The patriarchy is the overwhelming domination by men in both public and private spheres of life.

To many people, the patriarchy is a system of social structures and practices in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women!

I like the latter understanding of it more, though.

I will explain why from here on out and in the subsequent parts that will follow this one!


Photo credit: Africa


My short time as a “life-long student” of psychology and life has taught me that the patriarchy MUST be dismantled completely if we are to have any meaningful growth and development.

It is the kind of system that “tells” men they own the world and everything in it.

It reminds them of their “birth-rights” like being the “masters” that they are.

It assumes that everyone in this system has their designated roles they must “play” and failure to do so, that person or people will face it’s brutal wrath!

Most of all, it only sees women as “caregivers and machines” and not actual people! Anything about women takes a back seat or stands outside the main discussion hall as the men discuss “important things”!


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Should you choose to follow the patriarchy to its last detail, it promises to “reward” you for your “hard work”.

Should you choose to disobey and move away from the patriarchy, it swears to “crash” you for your insubordination, even when your life is at stake!

Should you choose to “abstain” from engaging in it’s discussions or practices, the patriarchy will not spare you either. It will come after you with ridicule, gaslight and scorn for your choice to remain neutral when it “needed” you the most!


Photo credit: United Nations Development Programme


After dismantling the patriarchy, where do we go from there?

I want you to think about that.

We will begin from there, our next discussion on “Dismantle The Patriarchy”!