Hey you, white person

How are you doing today?

Photo credit: The New York Times


It’s been very long since we last spoke

Isn’t it?


I don’t know if you remember what happened the last time we spoke

But I do!

I am quite unforgettable, you see!

Photo credit: Vox


That was the day something woke me up

From the deep slumber I was in, for years!


And for just that moment,

I asked myself what my life could be or could have been away from you?!



You said the future looks bright;

I say it had never looked any freer than it was, then!

I don’t know if I am free, as we speak…


Did you actually get the message I last sent you?

If you didn’t, I’ll relay it here!


I won’t ever bargain with you, for my life and freedom

I will take it all back, forcefully

I asked nicely for a very long time and you took me for a fool!


I decided to take these matters of life and death

Into my own hands; learning from you and about you as much as I could

So that when the day comes, I am super ready for you!


And this is where we are, right now

That goes without say that I can’t tell you where I am right now

I wouldn’t you to easily put a target on my back.


All I can say to you, white person

Is that I’m watching you very closely

Than ever before!


I clearly see all your tricks

Your silky smooth words that are wrapped in gauze and honey

Your two faces on your head; just like a coin

And your charity that looks like charity but isn’t exactly charity!!!


Hey you, white person,

I see it all

Photo credit: The Conversation


A piece of advice from me to you;

Do better than you did yesterday

Unlearn everything you’ve always known

Question much more than you take in

Listen more than you talk or would want to

Help me only if I ask you to help me….


Bye for now

Let’s meet out on the streets later

I got something I want you to see!