Hhhaaaaa….the 3 I’s

Very interesting and influential in how the future of our world is looking

Apps or mobile phone applications being made left, right and centre

For literally everything….from cooking to sleeping to navigating the streets to banking your money

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Looking at what our climate is like today, you’re scared for us the inhabitants

And where we take cover or shelter

For if the buildings aren’t resilient enough, we just might consider ourselves dead, after all

When it finally crumbles down on us

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To quote the United Nations on this,

Every ONE job in manufacturing creates 2.2 jobs in other sectors.”

That’s mathematically-speaking….think about it outside that space…we have so much more potential than we actually let off when it comes to creation of jobs

One might even say that the more jobs created, the more positive society could become….I don’t know

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Any hows, the main reason as to why SDG 9 matters is to build resilient infrastruc­ture,promote inclusive and sustainable industrializa­tion and foster innovation.

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Do you agree that economic growth, social development and climate action are heavily depen­dent on investments in infrastructure, sustainable industrial development and technological progress?

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In a world where the global economic landscape is changing so fast and we are becoming more and more unequal, sustained growth must include indus­trialization that first of all, makes opportunities acces­sible to all people, and two, is supported by innovation and resilient infrastructure.

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Look around you, basic infrastructure like roads, information and communication technologies, sanitation, electrical power and water remains scarce in many developing countries.

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I know, this is stuff probably unheard of in developed countries but here in the developing ones, this is our everyday story, you know!

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Step out of your shell for a second and ask yourself how manypeople out there do not have access to reliable phone services or access tobasic sanitation and water?

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Wherever and whoever you are, you need to care about Goal 9 because it is about our livelihoods. The growth of new indus­tries means improvement in the standard of living for many of us.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – MARCH 04: Pedestrians walk through Red Square on March 4, 2017 in Moscow, Russia. Relations between the United States and Russia are at their lowest point in years as evidence mounts about the complex relationship between President Donald Trump’s administration and the Russian government. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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Also, if industries pursue the path of sustain­ability, this approach will have a positive effect on the environment. Climate change affects us all!!! I hope we can all agree on that….remember the Paris Agreement? Nah?

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Failure to take action here and now means many things including a“price to pay” that are quite steep. Ending poverty would be more difficult,given the indus­try’s role as a core driver of the global develop­ment agenda to eradicate poverty and advance sustainable development.

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Additionally, failing to improve infrastructure and promote techno­logical innovation could translate into poor health care, inadequate sanitation and limited access to education. For some of us in countries that have suffered this fate, we can sadly say it’s already happening

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In all our respective capacities, we can do something surely on this

Establish standards and promote regulations that ensure company proj­ects and initiatives are sustainably managed.

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Collaborate with Non-Governmental Organisations and the public sector to help promote sus­tainable growth within developing countries.

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Think about how indus­try impacts on your life and well-being and use social media to push for policymakers to pri­oritize the Sustainable Development Goals, which appeals to me the most, as an individual.

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I don’t know about you but let’s do this!