They started out as law-abiding citizens

Good “city-zens”…..not intending to become the “bad cops” they are now

Just like many of us

I believe so…. I want to believe so…

They grew more to become very valued citizens of their

Country….and community!

Hell….they became cops!!!

In some countries, I know, that doesn’t mean much

In other countries, I know, it means everything to be a police officer

Taking The Oath…to protect and serve

All human life and their property!

That has to stand for something, right?

No matter how bad the going goes

Or how well everything goes!

The Oath Season 2, Episode 20 Guests: Photo Credit: / Sony Pictures Television

Not for this team, though….

That is led by Steve

And has “members” like Beach, Cole, Pete and Chris!

THE OATH – SEASON 1 – EPISODE 101 – “The Deal”

With so much history in “dealings” on the side,

Violence and cheating is the only way they do things

And it’s not long before they have every justice official, gangster, cop and fed…. ”dirty” and “clean”….on their heels!

Price and Ryder don’t give them the light of day….

Need I say that they always drag in the “innocents” into their messes?

Nobody and nothing is off-limits here….

From kids to parents to money to drugs to blackmail

Oohh….there is no holiday, too…for anyone!

As well as other cop-gangs that is “competing for the streets” with them

It’s all about control, abuse of it and power

Creating unnecessary wars that end up always…. “in tears”.

On the record, can I say that this show is made up of real-life confessions from a former cop-gang member

Now, who hopefully, reformed from this life?

Always remember what I talked about earlier….

In some countries, being a cop means nothing

And in other countries, it means everything!

The Oath Season 2, Episode 20 Guests: Photo Credit: / Sony Pictures Television

~ I hope you crackle ~