The whole process of how they are formed

Letter for letter, pronunciation for pronunciation

All the way to how our brain memorises them over time….what each of them means, how they are used and how they can be used, their effect on you and so much more


Haven’t you been utilised to break lives apart?

Simply because somebody said something, they didn’t mean to say but had been forced to

And yet once you come out of the mouth, you can’t be “fixed back in”?


Is there a way we can ever communicate without making use of you?

How do we even live with ourselves without words?

Doesn’t that make you wonder?


I am always amazed at human beings when they say “they can’t watch a movie that is running subtitles”

And yet, they swear to love what they are hearing on the show

They can literally narrate what they watched to you, in the finest of words!


Many times, I think, we don’t deserve you

We misuse you to objectify our fellow human beings and yet we are only meant to truly love them

When you put you to good use, we come off as vulnerable and some people use that to their advantage.


You have never demanded anything of us

You are rather too patient with us

We have always set the rules of how we interact with you…

Of late, in my life, I have come to hate these “rules” and I am making mine that I live by, every moment of my life


When people say “they can’t put it in words”, I often wonder on how special this particular item has to be, to put someone in that state

Do they mean words fail them?

Or their tongues get tied for a second or two?

Or could it be that what they are thinking of saying out is moving at a much faster speed than their mouths and tongue can utter?


You are the best “hidden weapon” we have on our hands

You are always hidden in plain-sight….like you are RIGHT THERE

But very few of us do actually get to see you!

I wonder why!!!


We can use you to describe actions, right?

Can we use actions to describe words, though?

I could be wrong…somebody please help me out here.


How can I differentiate between “nouns” from “adjectives” without sounding crazy?

Is there a particular formula that I can use to understand you better, perhaps?

I have really tried…I am now even going about in circles


Isn’t really weird that I am typing you, words, out in “Word” from Microsoft?


And while at it, I have a “Dictionary” opened up, where I am looking up the word, “words”?

That is crazy, if you ask me.


What “crazy” words do you have in stock, for me, today?

I mean, we live in times where “new” words pop up out of the blue without warning and if you aren’t the buzzing type, it will take you ages before you can fully understand what these words mean…and more!

I love you, words

You are a core part of my existence

Without you, I don’t know where I would be right now, I am sure!

Bye for now.