Where can we ever find you?
Dependable and as accurate, as the spelling of those two words
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Okay, we do have you, in our ways
Scanty, bits, myths and stories
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On many subjects and topics of discussion, we are lost for the best source, at which we can find you
There are those days, yiveni, when we’ve betted our money, against an argument
That we can die at
And it’s only you who can save us, from the guillotine
There’s an uncle of ours called Google
This guy is Mr. See it all happen
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He basically knows what pair of boxers we get to don on, and on what day
How quick we can get home
Which movie or video on YouTube, we would love to watch
He only has one problem…
He hasn’t travelled much into our village
To get to know what those bitter roots our Jjaaja’s ate for their dinner
Or the herbs they rub on sore skins
Or the traditional names that were given to botany and nature
Sooooo, we are wondering where we can find you
For a consultation here and there