Is not interesting that you come across the younger ones and older ones too, frowning upon the old and elderly?

I wonder what goes on in their minds at that time.

I say this because if everything goes according to plan, the young ones of today will age away to where the elderly are, right now or then!


Photo credit: Televeda


Those people are ageing in grace, but you are frowning upon them because?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself; “what can I learn from these “wazeeyi” I am treating badly”?

They surely have more life experience than you do.

They are probably more humble and peaceful than you.

Not forgetting, perhaps more tolerant than you!


Photo credit: Gen – Medium


Instead of laughing and mocking them for being too old in your world that is still very young,

Get into a conversation with them and listen more to them than speak with them.

Remember, the key to it all is “ageing in grace and not be frowned upon”!