I’ll borrow Dr. Brenda Corcoran‘s words to try and bring this down to the simplest understanding


An expression of concern or doubt about the value or safety of vaccination”


I will ask you this

Have you ever heard of vaccine hesitancy?


Personally, I only got to know about it, some weeks

On one Monday, I think

And it was my friend that shared with me on Whatsapp about it….

Something to do with the anti-vaxxer movement


Same thing for that movement, too

Had never heard of it before


Have you been vaccinated before?

With your own consent or not?

Young or old?


Do you have any beliefs about vaccination?

Have you ever had some before now?


How did it feel like?


I hope we are on the same page here….there is vaccination rejection and vaccination hesitancy


With rejection of vaccination comes

Complete total rejection of vaccines

High safety concerns about vaccination

Lack of trust in the health care provider

And mostly of course, you are not immunized


With hesitancy of vaccination, on the other hand, comes

With being selective about which vaccines you take

Desire in trustworthy health care providers only

A delay in getting immunized with a lot of questions here and there, of course

And mostly of course, one is under-immunized

Scenes at the rural health clinic in the village of Aningeje in Cross River State an hours drive from Calabar, Nigeria. Health workers were carrying out routine immunisation of under fives and pregnant mothers.
The women walked in or arranged lifts on the back of motorbikes many holding umbrellas to protect their babies from the intense heat of the sun.


When I looked closely at this

And tried to put some memory to it

I saw a number of factors that could lead to somebody turning out to be vaccine-hesitant


Like….past experiences


Knowledge about vaccines

Level of education

Race or where we are from


Others, you may say… our perception of the safety of the vaccines

Our perception of the efficiency of the vaccines

Our perception and understanding of how easily disease can catch up with us, even after being immunized


Perhaps, these can count too… the media

Policies at all levels

Social norms and values

The relationship between a patient and the provider

Requirements for one to be immunized at school, may be

Journalists with recording equipment flocking around important people. Black and white retro style processing


How about lack in confidence?

Or plainly not seeing the need or urgency in getting immunized

Or plain lack of access….say in the “developing world”


Call it what you may but this is real

It is happening today

And it is everywhere


Do something about it