Sometime, in 20–, a young person shows up, at an undisclosed location only to find a bunch of finely-dressed executives having some banter….
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Standing in a circle, holding drinks and food in their arms….
Emily: Last month, I happened to be at this function where there was this guy speaking about tech and the future…he mentioned how the future shall all be paperless and less “noisy”, if you know what I mean. (haha…)
Cruz, Haq and Rivaldo: (clicking glasses together) ohhh yyeeaahhhh…. A plus on that. We couldn’t agree more on that.
The young person that walked in shortly, Seguya: Am sorry, I didn’t get that clearly. What did you mean by that, when you said “less noisy”?

Looking at each other, they all burst out in laughter and they all turn to face Seguya, and who might you be, budging in on our conversation here”?
Seguya: Pardon me, please. I just couldn’t help overhear you guys talk about tech. It’s one of those things am so passionate about, from like wwwaaayyyy back. I thought to myself….sure, why can’t I join in, on this chit-chat? What do I have to lose?

Haq: Ait! Go on….let’s hear it. Tell us about this thing of yours with technology.
Seguya: Fire away…down the hole! Let’s begin with a simple example….of the average PC. The one we all know and love to use so much… much did it weigh, in the 1940’s? How light is it now? Has it ever crossed your mind how much noise it produced as a result of retrieving data and storing it? Ask yourself, how much noise your Mac makes, as it literally flies through megabytes of data? Hhhhmmmmmm…
The group of the 4 friends: (nodding heads on the vertical)….
As Seguya carries on with his talk, the 4 friends have their full attention directed at Seguya and are seemingly initiating the exchange of contacts, for future interaction and acquaintance.
Cruz, the quietest of the 4, boldly steps out and audibly asks Seguya for his contact….email address and phone number. To which, he kindly shares.
Question here…..does this short interaction bring something to mind? Something about having those that under look you “eating from your palm” having fully known what you’re about?
Many a time, we young people don’t feel confident enough to step out of the “stereotype—zone” to show off what we are. Even during those moments when we fully know and are aware that we are better and capable of much more. We think that we are passing off as very aggressive or disrespectful or full of ourselves.
Is it because we don’t know our stuff? Is it because we are too afraid of standing out, from the rest of the crowd? Do we even know how to stand out? Do we have people to inspire us to the top?
Set of business people
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I guess you’ll argue this down… know your stuff, can confidently stand before a whole continent and begin downloading your data down…. Hell, you can even begin off a global movement to a revolution. You got what it takes….. Perhaps, a few sessions of streamlining a few details, touch-ups here and there on subject matter and we are fully good to know.

Shine on, yute…. The next time an “old gizz” shows up at your feet laughing in your face and mocking you, don’t freak out just yet. Be patient and lie low like a wounded animal.
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Hold your head high, smile and open your mouth, ready to fire away and turn heads+ears! In the very end, we will be forced to eat at your palm as we chase after you for your number, +256 7— — — and an appointment, next week!