My first time in Nairobi, was when I was barely 12 years of age

That’s over 13 years now

I didn’t even have a clue what a capital city was

All I knew what was my aunt told me

That I’ll see very many people walking quickly up and down

In all directions and if I’m not careful, one bogey-man just might engulf me in his sack and take me away



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We had made plans with her to visit her in Nairobi and stay with her for the long festive holiday season

And here was the time

She de-briefed  us on how life is Nairobi and quite different to what we knew in Kampala


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She said that everything is fast-paced

Much better organized than Kampala

Lots of noise from youth and big cars will be seen

And we’ll be seeing and hearing lots of airplanes descending and ascending

Oh yes, the large coins  would become a common sight to us…I never got to know what she meant by that

Most of all, she got us ready for her cave…just as I had nicknamed it

For it was a house for one person only

And here we were, the 4 of us


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The very first time I set out my foot to go shopping with Aunty Jennifer, I noticed 2 things in an instant

It was super-cold and most of all, life was moving sooo fast

The huge vehicles she talked about….the matatus  had all this fancy design on them, fitted with loud entertainment systems.

If you found one, you just might mistake it for something straight outta MTV’s Pimp My Ride

Everyone just kept on minding their business, walking by so fast, with their forearms armed to the side of their bags


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Guess what, Aunty Jennifer walked at their pace, too!

I can’t tell if she was just showing off but girl, she was fast

I could barely keep up with her


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It was until the point where we had cross the road

That she grabbed my tiny hand, made a small countdown of 3 and we crossed as fast as lightning

When we safe on the other side, I asked Aunty Jennifer, “I am small. Can you please match my feet”?


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I bet you can guess the look on her face and her response