On that DSLR and or mirrorless camera,

There will be a lens and a shutter.


Photo credit: Cameralabs


A shutter is that little opening on a camera is opened to admit light and thus expose the film.

The lens is that thing, that is either manually fixed on the camera body or built thereon the machine, used to make images taken be stored chemically or electronically.


Photo credit: Fstoppers


I am not sure how it was back in the day but these days,

It is so much easier to take photos and keep them electronically, within seconds!

What used to come with a film of images that were taken prior; now has our images on hard drives or in “the cloud”!


Photo credit: European Commission


From the onset in my working time in non-profit,

I was never one to take the camera and take some photos.

I’ve only started recently, and I love what I see.

There is so much power behind that camera!



Behind the camera body, you can see so much within this small screen of the eye.

Within a moment, you can choose what to photograph and what not to.

That’s when the trigger finger moves to the clicker, and you fire away!



I am always amazed by the photos I’ve taken.

They are so beautiful; the whole process of seeing what you have frozen and captured in a second.

What you see right there, is the power behind the lens and the shutter!