A few minutes back,

I was interacting with someone on the link between alcohol consumption and poverty amongst our people here.

The statistics are so overwhelming in favour of staying away from alcohol if you want to keep some change in your pocket!

(I hope you are aware of these statistics)!


Photo credit: The Independent Magazine Uganda 


In our back-and-forth interactions,

It hit me how important knowledge is and how vital it is to, to have knowledge of something.

Another vital thing is using this knowledge you have got, right?


Photo credit: Al Jazeera English 


So many people make decisions in their lives every day, that either keep them alive or get them dead!

How would it be though, if we all made the best decisions we could, given the best knowledge at our disposal?


Photo credit: Love Uganda Foundation


We would all love to get an extra buck here and there.

We must be careful not to get hurt or get other people hurt, though, simply because of a bad decision we made, out of being misinformed or under-informed!


Photo credit: Edward Echwalu


I say, “do all you do – more aware”!

What do you say?