Our “Anna” or better known as Megan Rapinoe checked into her retirement yesterday!

This was after her she played her last football game with what has been current club, OL Reign.

If you look closely at the logo and trademark name of OL Reign, it so much looks like Olympique Lyonnais (the men’s team) and Olympique Lyonnais Feminin’ (the women’s team, one of my favourites in the world), both of France.

(The group that owns those two teams in France added Reign to their roster).


Photo credit: OL Reign


For USA her country on the international scene,

She played her final match with her teammates against the Banyana Banyana of South Africa, on the 24th of September 2023.

It was on the USA team that I first picked very keen interest in Megan.

(I will tell you why).


Photo credit: AP


Allow me to drop this information before we carry on:

On the 29th of June 2013, Megan made her home debut for the Seattle Reigns FC (which is now called OL Reign).

The attendance in the stadium that day was 2,318.

On the 6th of September 2023 (a little over 10 years later), the attendance was a record 34,130!

That’s almost 15 times what was had, in 2013!

Impact, right?


Photo credit: Outsports


Do you remember the FIFA Women’s World Cup of 2019?

How about the one of 2015?

Many things stood out, most notably the USA winning this Cup back-to-back!

Anna was part of them both and our girl was so hot in them!

Plus, her famous celebration; how can I ever forget that?


Photo credit: ESPN


It was after they ended, especially the 2019 edition, that Megan rallied her teammates to demand for what’s rightfully theirs!

When I say this, I don’t only mean the USA. I am looking at the entire world of women’s football!

The problems and challenges faced by the girls in the USA aren’t far off, from those faced by my Reggae Girls of Jamaica!


Photo credit: CBS News


These girls, amidst all the challenges that came at them then and now, struck a deal of a lifetime (it was my first time seeing it anywhere).

In 2022, the women’s national team and the men’s national team came together for a historic and first-of-its-kind deal: The two teams would pool their FIFA prize money together and then split it equally among both teams!

This deal has got a bit of mechanics to it, that you should know of.

US Soccer explains it all here.


Photo credit: SBNation.com


This action alone of the deal has seen so many more women all over the world put their feet down, demanding what’s theirs!

They include women from England, Brazil, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Wales among others!


Photo credit: ABC News


It was about damn time these girls enjoyed their stays at the finest hotels, had access to the finest coaches and support staff, bigger prize money and bonuses for their wins among other things!

The stadiums are getting more packed, every week that goes by!

(Another favs of mine, Arsenal Women had an attendance of 54,115 against Liverpool Women at the Emirates Stadium, last weekend)!


Photo credit: Arsenal


We could write from now until next weekend about Megan.

She has accomplished so much, for one person!

By my count, I can recall at least 26 honours throughout her footballing career.

I miss her already!


Photo credit: NBC Sports Chicago


My hope is that all young and old people get to know Megan’s story.

It carries a lot in it that we can all learn from.

I love you, Megan!