Hey girl,

Hey boy,

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

Do you miss letter writing, like I do?


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I really don’t mind how short or long it is.

What really matters is the words written down on that paper or piece of paper.

The smell of the paper that has been sent to me…

The feel of the trace marks of the ink or pencil on the paper….


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The people older than me tell me that they had to wait 3 months to receive a reply to the letter they last sent out.

I burst out in laughter the first time I heard this.

Because we got all this technology for sending and receiving messages in milliseconds; from email to WhatsApp to video chats!


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Oh wait,

Did you ever have your words drafted out on another piece of paper before making your final cut, like I did many times?

Do you remember those writing pads?


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We spent a ton of money on those writing pads!

No week would go by at school without securing our bags of them.

We wrote that much…I am not sure if the people we wrote to, fully appreciated the struggles we went through!


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I miss letter writing so much!

We have all this tech that got us so much closer.

But can we get back to writing, please?