Hahaha…. Hahahaha….

I guess what somebody said a long time ago in Strike Back, about the British, was true!

They are the only people who will gladly say, “excuse me, I would like to kill you in your dignity” before they actually kill you!

Crazy, right?

I would like you to meet my new friends…

2 women….that happen to be very good assassins aka HITMEN!

Jamie and Fran.

They, I am told, have a boss called Mr. K

I am yet to meet him

I will gladly thank him for bringing these two in my life….

Now, I am not yet sure how this all works with them

But as of now, all I know is that a kill order is put out on somebody

For these two….then, they come in to see the order through….

But with a touch of flair that is filled with the dramatics, kindness, psychopathy, brilliance and sadness, too.

When you meet this duo for your very first time,

I highly doubt you will ever consider them killers….the badass type of killers!

Just wait until their boss comes calling with your head on their “pitch-fork”

Then, the your whole world will come to a stand-still!

Their cover is so good

Too good, in fact, that it can never be fully blown.

I mean….just look at that yellow Ford…the level of calmness they have on them….the precision they use on the job…their meticulousness as individuals!

I do believe everyone that has worked for “Mr. K”

Hasn’t gotten to such a level as these two have!

Not even Charles and Liz!

They have a way of “cleaning up their mess” every after a mission they have had!

Don’t be so hard on them, I beg.

They just stumbled their way into this career and now, they are trying so much to make it in “this life”.

I sincerely wish them all the best!

~ And you, have fun tumbling & rolling on the floor with these two. ~