It is not what you know as the “usual” radio station

With all these nice studios

With a number of people roaming about in the various corridors

And having all those nice vehicles outside in the parking.




No….may be, you can have one car….for the person that is operating this radio.

Otherwise, this is the kind of radio where

All you have to do, to access it, is to “unclog” your ears

Get yourself settled in, wherever you might be, in the corner of this particular community where it is

And yeah, it is broadcasting and you are listening in!

An actual device called a radio – no, no need for it

An app aka application on your smart device – no, no need for this, too

A perfectly functioning web browser – no, need for that, too

Okay, may be a little, for all these!

Easy, right?

Sweet, right?

Cool, right?

Innovative, yeah?

Easy – I am not so sure about that because there are bills that need to be paid for this radio to keep running

Sweet – oh yes, definitely!

Cool – I think so, yes. I mean, the radio is literally buzzing in my ears the whole time. No need for a loudspeaker or headsets, for that matter

Innovative – I don’t know about that because they have been around for a while now….

In terms of content, in my experience

These radios are quite relevant….at least, a good number of them since they have a primary listeners’ base….the people in that community

Do they share their findings, research and or data? – Very many of them do….most especially, if you are a member of that community or if you are willing to pay a fee for it.

Are they the kind of people you want to do business with? – I believe so, yes.

In a nutshell, that is it, for community-based radio.

Want to reach a particular community or establishment that you won’t easily get to, in the old-school way? These are your people, then.

I look forward to listening in, to you!