When I first decided that the name of this blog post would be “Exodus”, I strongly believe I must have been in the shower or a few minutes out of it.

I am like that…I am sure many of you do get your ideas in ways similar to this or even in much weirder ways, isn’t it?

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Now, I look at the synonyms of the word itself, I see “migration”, “departure”, “emigration” and “mass departure” among a list of other words that can be used to mean “Exodus”.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

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So many people, as we speak, are moving from one place to another out of necessity and not a prank

Many of whom are trying to escape one awful situation to possibly getting refuge in a much better situation

Many others are simply tired of the scenery around them where they’ve been and now are making an exodus to new scenery

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Many others just want to move away….

An Exodus isn’t a bad thing, after all

The only bad that can happen, begins immediately when they start their journey…the obstacles (the human and non-human)

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No one is illegal

It’s the policies “in and out of heads” that “deem” a human being illegal and are illegal, themselves

Who makes these policies? May be, it’s the people we once talked about….that wear suits and bald heads, eh!

Photo credit: Centre For Strategic and International Studies


Make your exodus today

May your path be swept clean for you, of all obstacles

See you on the other side!